Charo's Hostal
Located in a priviled site in Montanita
Our hostal is in the center of Montanita, on the oceanfront and by the boardwalk. The hostal has double entry: by the first street parallel to the boardwalk, you may find our hostal rooms, reception and restaurant and by the boardwalk, you may find our hostal rooms, pool area, and gardens.

Getting to our hostal is easy. Once you get off at the Montanita bus stop on the road, walk towards the beach and make a left one block before reaching the boardwalk. You will see the entrance to our hostal 20 meters on your right. If you are traveling by car, Montanita is now paved so access to the hostal is simple and direct. You may park your car in front of reception or in the back on the boardwalk.

We look forward to seeing you in Montanita